Top 10 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants Near Chicago, IL

Top 10 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants Near Chicago, IL

Short answer: Mexican restaurants near Chicago, IL

Chicago has dozens of highly-rated and authentic Mexican restaurants. Some popular options include Big Star, Rick Bayless’s Frontera Grill, Xoco, L’Patron Tacos, and Mi Tocaya Antojeria. Be sure to explore the neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village for even more delicious options!

How to Find and Enjoy Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the Heart of Chicago

Chicago boasts a vibrant food scene and is famous for its deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches. But the city also has an incredible array of Mexican culinary offerings that can satisfy any craving you may have for authentic cuisine.

Mexico’s gastronomy is diverse, flavorsome, and rooted in tradition with creamy guacamole made from fresh avocadoes, succulent tacos filled with marinated meats or grilled veggies wrapped up with salsa on top to spice it all together. Finding authentic Mexican fare in Chicago doesn’t take too much effort as long as you know where to look, but we’re going to break down our five favorite spots to make your life easier!

First stop: Tzuco

Fine dining at its best! Award-winning chef Carlos Gaytan showcases his Michelin-starred French-inspired techniques through a contemporary twist on traditional Mexican dishes. “Elote,” inspired by one of Mexico’s most iconic street foods combines sweet corn kernels roasted then seasoned with sumac-lime aioli topped with piquant Cotija cheese & Oaxaca foam making him stand out from the rest!

Second stop: Mi Tocaya Antojería

Located in Logan Square this cozy little spot will steal your heart immediately upon entering their charming interior decorated space perfect setting right before devouring mouthwatering plates like Ceviche Mixto served in savory leche de tigre cirtus lead marinade w/ touch Espelette peppertopped off roasty-fresh red onion slices.

Third Stop: Calumet Fisheries Smokehouse

Looking for something unique? This low-key smokehouse offers more than just fish they’re known specifically for serving smoked shrimp cocktail which comes lightly packed over ice cubes alongside zesty spicy Pico de Gallo adding texture and flavor bringing each bite alive!.

Fourth Stop : Mariscos La Costera

If seafood is what your taste buds desire then head straight east finding yourself on the Mexican seas. La Costera brings all of this and more to your table, their specialty dish is an enormous juicy plate piled with octopus tentacles & shellfish steamed together exciting the piquant flavors through its classic garlicky butter mixture.

Fifth Stop: Carnitas Uruapan

Chicago’s beloved spot that serves carefully cooked top-top-quality succulent pork beefed up with caramelized onion strips wrapped in warm tortillas bringing multiple tastes while making freedom reign supreme! Their tacos come loaded with everything from guac to cilantro shredded meat made just for you, dosing each bite with fiesta vibes!

Finding authentic taste bud-tempting dishes isn’t as complicated as it seems – simply head down one of these streets packed full of flavor and discover a new favorite eatery today!

Your Mex-Restaurant FAQs Answered: Navigating Mexican Restaurants Near Chicago IL

Are you a Mexican cuisine lover looking for the best restaurants in Chicago? Or are you someone who is entirely new to this spicy and delicious world of flavors? Whatever the case, navigating through a Mex-Restaurant can be a daunting task. Here’s where we come in. We’ve got all your FAQs answered!

Q: Do I need reservations?

A: It depends on the restaurant and time of day, but it’s always better to call ahead or reserve online if possible.

Q: What should I order if I am new to Mexican food?

A: If you’re completely new to Mexican cuisine, start with some chips and salsa or guacamole as an appetizer. As far as entrees go, try something like tacos (meat-filled tortillas) or enchiladas (rolled tortillas filled with meat). You may also want to try rice and beans which are common sides served with many dishes.

Q: Are there any vegetarian/vegan options?

A: Yes! Most Mexican restaurants offer several vegetarian and vegan options such as vegetable tacos, black bean burritos or salads.

Q: How do I know how spicy the dish will be?
A: The spiciness level should be noted on the menu next to each item, usually denoted by chili pepper images or words such as “mild,” “medium” or “hot.” Don’t hesitate to ask your server for help selecting something that suits your taste buds.

Q: Is it customary to tip my server at a Mex-Restaurant?
A: Absolutely! Just like other dining establishments in America, servers rely on tips as part of their income. It is polite tipping etiquette to leave 15-20% of your total bill amount based on service received.

Q: Can children dine here comfortably?
A: Of course! The atmosphere at most Mex-restaurants is casual and relaxed – perfect for family dinners. Additionally,the extensive kid’s menu and casual dining atmosphere make it a fun place for children to try new foods.

Going out to eat at a Mexican restaurant is an experience worth savoring. Be sure you’ve made the right choice in choosing the best mex restaurants near Chicago IL, prepare yourself with these helpful hints, and dive into the Latin American journey of flavors ahead!

Taste Your Way Through the Windy City with These Top Mexican Restaurants Near Chicago IL

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches. However, the windy city also boasts an incredible Mexican food scene that’ll transport you straight to the heart of Mexico with just one bite. Whether you’re craving a spicy taco or a refreshing margarita, we’ve got you covered with these top Mexican restaurants near Chicago IL.

1. Mi Tocaya Antojería:
If you want authentic Mexican street food in Chicago, look no further than Mi Tocaya Antojeria. This charmingly rustic spot in Logan Square serves up classic dishes from chef/owner Diana Davila’s Michoacán upbringing with contemporary twists – meaning tacos loaded with goat barbacoa and tropical fruit alongside fragrant moles and house made corn tortillas topped simplywith queso fresco

2. Xoco:
Named after the Aztecs’ word for “little sister,” Xoco is Chef Rick Bayless‘ tribute to Oaxaca‘s eye-popping street fare staging everything from wood-grilled Gulf shrimp aguachile (marinated in citrus) breakfast chorizo sausage-studded churros by morning; fiercely-flavored carnitas on fluffy Bolillo rolls throughout lunch; salads & chocolate spiced pozole every evening

3. Frontera Grill:
Another restaurant owned by renowned chef Rick Bayless is Frontera Grill which has been serving innovative regional mexican cuisine since 1987 including sizzling platters of caribe-style pork pibil & richly-spiced oxtail short rib guisados over fresh charred masa gorditas delivering classics such as molcajetes displaying grilled reserve steak bejeweled w/ bacon-shallot rajas while his legendary Topolo Margarita offering enchanting notes of orange liqueur& lime somewhere between sweet & tart.

4.Birrieria Apatzingan
Nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Birrieria Apatzingan offers traditional Mexican dishes with an emphasis on birria – highly flavor’d stewed meat traditionally used for quechiladas or tacos that is served alongside consommé. Don’t miss out on their spicy and savory tortas.

5.Rubi’s Taquería:
Rubi’s Taqueria is perfect if you’re craving authentic street-style tacos fresh off the grill! Hidden behind a car wash, this family-owned spot serves up juicy al pastor (spit-roasted pork), pollo asado (grilled chicken) carne cecida(beef jerky ), and lengua(tongue) all prepared fillings are marinated perfectly and topped with hand-cut onions & cilantro

These Mexican restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings for bold flavors and vibrant spices. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and taste your way through Windy City at these top-notch eateries. Take it from us: You won’t regret trying any one of these mouth

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