Discovering the Best Mexican Restaurants in London, England

Discovering the Best Mexican Restaurants in London, England

Short answer: Mexican restaurants in London, England

Mexican cuisine has gained popularity across the world and can be found in many cities including London. There are several highly rated Mexican restaurants throughout the city offering a range of dishes from traditional tacos to modern twists on classics. Some top-rated options include Wahaca, Breddos Tacos, and Mestizo.

How to Find Authentic Mexican Restaurants in London, England

London has a vibrant food scene with an array of multi-cultural cuisine options and Mexican restaurants are no exception. However, not all Mexican restaurants in London offer authentic dishes, flavors or traditions.

So how do you find authentic Mexican restaurants in the city? Here are some tips to help you identify genuine spots for your next craving.

1. Talk to Mexicans Living in London

One of the easiest ways to get information on where to find authentic Mexican food is by talking to those who know best – actual Mexicans living in London!

Reach out to your local friends, co-workers or acquaintances from Mexico and ask them for their recommendations on places they visit for traditional meals. They’re likely well-versed about what constitutes as true and tasty types of food compared to lesser-known commercialized alternatives that may be found elsewhere.

2. Read Menu/Product Descriptions Carefully

A clear indicator that a restaurant is serving high-quality Mexican fare would be evident through its menu descriptions indicating if it uses quality ingredients like real chilies such as Ancho or Pasilla instead of artificial powder-based ones or jalapenos which taste completely different from one another along with properly seasoned meat served interestingly tenderised slow-cooked Barbacoa beef (that’s done low and slow for hours) will bring out intense flavors on top of Spanish rice layered with fragrant spices creating Los Colorados’ savorous Arroz con Pollo recipe . Take time reading reviews online using sites like TripAdvisor ahead so you can gain a better understanding before dining at these locations which helps ensure optimum satisfaction ensuring each dish shares reassuring authenticity blending regional cuisines without losing character while having proper representation possible coupled up nicely presented plates provided only by capable cooks devoted enough into making sure every detail addressed especially when judgement enters subjective lands taking pride every inch put onto appearing plates just hoping maybe even exceed tastebud impressions forthcoming .

3. Look Out For Authentic Decor Features

Another tip could be identifying whether the décor incorporates traditional Mexican decorations such as bright and colorful accents, Sombreros or Aztec-themed visual patterns giving these restaurants a vibrant feel.

4. Investigate Where The Products Are Sourced From

An authentic restaurant is likely to use products sourced from its native country or at least made using locally-sourced ingredients associated with the region they’re based on around the UK as preparation for some cuisine like Carne Asadas in London would require sourcing specific cuts of meat that aren’t common fare across British butchers since often larger parts get used together marinated piquantly then grilled linguistically by qualified chefs exposing elements grounding themselves onto what’s considered proper representation without compromising while keeping up creating healthier vegan menu options rich flavors combined various twists constantly adding changing touch here there partnering alongside typically ordered plates always offering new tastes worth coming back just one more time desire hits senses .

5. Check Out Authentic Online Reviews/Recommendations From Food Critics Or Blogs

Finally, go online to find reliable recommendations and reviews for authentic and recommended establishments. These resources have real input and feedback from those who’ve actually visited

A Step-by-Step Guide to Eating at Mexican Restaurants in London, England

Are you tired of ordering the same old boring dishes at Mexican restaurants in London? Or perhaps you’re new to the cuisine and don’t know where to start? Fear not, for this step-by-step guide will take you through the dos and don’ts of dining at Mexican restaurants, ensuring a fun and delicious experience.

Step 1: Margaritas!

First things first – order yourself a margarita. This classic tequila-based cocktail is an essential part of the Mexican restaurant experience. Whether frozen or on the rocks, traditional lime or fruity flavors like mango or strawberry, a good margarita can set the tone for a great meal.

Step 2: Start with some appetizers

To whet your appetite before diving into the main course, try some traditional appetizers such as chips and salsa (or guacamole if you prefer), queso fundido (melted cheese served with tortillas), or ceviche (raw fish cooked in lime juice). These dishes provide a flavorful introduction to Mexican cuisine.

Step 3: Main Course Selections

When it comes to main course selections there are several options available depending upon individual preferences ranging from tacos, enchiladas, fajitas etc., It’s popular choice among westerners due its similarity towards their local taste buds but we recommend exploring beyond these familiar favorites and trying something more authentic like Pozole (a hearty soup generally made with hominy corn) , Tortas Ahogadas(a sandwich dipped in chili pepper sauce ), Mole Poblano(a complex dark brown sauce traditionally served over chicken )are must-tries .

Step 4: Complement Your Meal With Sides

At most Mexican Restaurants sides include refried beans along with Spanish rice which pair nicely with many mains but better way is to explore additional side options like Nopales(A cactus salad), Calabacitas( A squash dish flavouredwith chilies,onions and corn) or Grilled Corn on the cob (A great way to round out your meal with grilled sweet corn rolled in butter and flavoured with chili mixture )

Step 5: Desserts

Last but not least, finish off your meal with a sweet treat. Popular Mexican desserts include Churros (a fried dough pastry rolled in sugar and cinnamon), Tres Leches cake (a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk), and Flan (caramel custard). Each one provides a perfect ending note.

In conclusion, by following this step-by-step guide will help you to enjoy authentic flavors of Mexico at any London restaurant without someone else picking dishes for you . Try different cocktails ,appetizers, mains that complement your taste buds along side additional sides offerings followed up by traditional Mexican dessert choices.Complete experience is guaranteed-to make it memorable!

Mexican Restaurants in London, England: FAQs Answered

For those who are fans of Mexican food, living in London can be a bit tricky. The city is full of all kinds of restaurants, but finding authentic Mexican cuisine can be challenging. Luckily, there are some great options out there for anyone craving guacamole and tacos!

Here’s an overview of the most common FAQs on Mexico-centered dining experiences that you might find helpful when exploring the London culinary scene:

Are There Any Authentic Mexican Restaurants In London?

Londoners have had to resort to what they think as ‘Mexican Style’ chain restaurants such as Wahaca and Chilango; however, it’s not entirely impossible to discover authentic tastes of Mexico here too! La Bodega Negra Café located next To its “secret” basement location where mezcal-based cocktails flow amongst rowdy groups chowing down tacos by the bucketload with blues blasting over loudspeakers.

Another famous restaurant would be El Pastor founded by brothers Sam & Jake Hart was born from a desire to create dishes rooted in tradition whilst celebrating British ingredients – spreading well-deserved respect into the South West neighbourhoods like their renowned taco dish ‘The Al Pastor.’

Do Most Of These Restaurants Serve Alcohol Or Will I Have To Go Somewhere Else For A Margarita?

While alcohol won’t necessarily make or break your meal at any given eatery (unless it’s really bad tequila), many places serve up signature drinks using premium-grade Tequilas and Mezcals- either standalone or mixed naturally with fresh ingredients such as lime juice or Agave nectar syrup resulting in an unforgettable variety of flavoursome Margaritas!

What Type Of Food Should I Expect From A Typical Mexican Restaurant?

Popular favourites include Empanadas de Poblanos stuffed with shredded chicken breast marinated in salsa before being deep-fried until golden brown crispy perfection served along with rice and salad sides while soups appetizers featuring Chorizo con Aztec Broth (smoky, savoury chorizo atop a spiced up chicken broth) or at the other end of the spectrum, hearty and warm meaty stews like Beef Barbacoa.

Are There Any Gluten-Free Or Vegetarian Options Available At These Restaurants?

Yes! Many Mexican dishes naturally contain gluten are perfect for vegetarians. Some best options include traditional Guacamole dips with fresh avocado and tomato smoothness serve as delicious appetisers if you’re looking to kickstart your meal on veggie notes.

Gluten-free menu items often feature salads alongside vegetable skewers bathed in an array of tantalising spices that would meet any dieter’s standards too!

Is It Necessary To Make Reservations Before Dining In A Mexican Restaurant?

It is recommended yes -mostly due to social distancing measures restaurants had to adapt to- so unless it’s off-season weekday lunches when crowds are much thinner compared with weekends; ensure you get yourself pre-booked tables particularly if planning a birthday party, group dinner or surprise occasion such as anniversary celebrations. Walk-in service experiencing longer waiting times than usual isn’t unheard