Discovering the Authentic Flavors of Anepalco Mexican Restaurant

Discovering the Authentic Flavors of Anepalco Mexican Restaurant

Short answer: Anepalco Mexican Restaurant serves modern fusion cuisine with traditional flavors in Orange County, California.

Step by Step Guide: Your Ultimate Tour of the Iconic Anepalco Mexican Restaurant

Anepalco Mexican Restaurant is a hidden gem located in the heart of Orange County, California. Known for its elevated and modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine, Anepalco has become a go-to spot for foodies looking to experience something unique. If you’re planning to dine at this iconic restaurant and want to make the most of your visit, check out this step-by-step guide that will take you on an ultimate tour of Anepalco.

Step 1: Reservations

To start off your Anepalco experience, it’s highly recommended to make a reservation ahead of time. The restaurant fills up quickly due to its popularity, so securing a table early on will save you from disappointment and long wait times.

Step 2: Cocktails

Once seated in the restaurant’s trendy yet cozy ambiance, begin your evening with one of their signature cocktails. Their Pina Colada made with charcoal-infused rum and coconut foam or their Spicy Mango Margarita with serrano chili infused tequila are both must-tries.

Step 3: Appetizers

Next up are the appetizers- where Anepalco truly shines. We recommend starting off with their Chile En Nogada stuffed with picadillo meat and walnut sauce topped with pomegranate seeds – a classic Mexican dish given new life by Chef Danny Godinez’s innovative take.

Step 4: Main Course

When it comes to main courses at Anepalco, every dish on the menu is worth trying but if we had to pick just one then we’d suggest going for their Best Tacos de Camaron (shrimp tacos) which come served in two beautiful jicama shells filled with chipotle-rubbed shrimp glazed in agave-sriracha sauce.

Other favorites include Chile Relleno filled beef short rib fideo pasta or Carne Asada grilled hanger steak served alongside chorizo mashed potatoes.

Step 5: Dessert

No meal would be complete without dessert and Anepalco certainly delivers in this category, too. The restaurant’s standout dish is the Tres Leches Cake which is drizzled with a rich cajeta sauce and tangy raspberry puree- a delicious end to your meal.

Step 6: Takeaways

As a final step, we recommend grabbing some special treats from Anepalco’s General Store next door before leaving. You’ll find everything from handmade tortillas to traditional Mexican candies or even their exclusive Spicy Chili Oil – perfect for recreating the Anepalco experience at home.

In Conclusion:

Dining at Anepalco Mexican Restaurant is not just about having dinner – it’s an experience. From its innovative dishes to trendy decor and warm hospitality, every aspect of your visit will leave you impressed. So follow our step-by-step guide above, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time at this iconic Orange County eatery!

Anepalco Mexican Restaurant FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Dining at this Iconic Eatery

Mexican cuisine has become one of the most popular food choices in the United States. For those seeking a delicious and authentic Mexican dining experience, Anepalco Mexican Restaurant is a must-visit destination.

Located in Orange, California, Anepalco offers an extensive menu boasting traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist. With rave reviews for both their brunch and dinner menus, there are plenty of reasons to visit this iconic eatery.

Before making your reservation or walking through their doors, here’s everything you need to know about Anepalco Mexican Restaurant.

What is the ambiance like?

The ambience at Anepalco is a perfect blend of modern chic with traditional Mexican charm. The restaurant features exposed brick walls decorated with colorful paintings and elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Each table is equipped with contemporary plates set over bright orange placemats that add a pop of color to the space.

Overall, Anepalco has created an inviting atmosphere that combines modern style with the spirit of Mexico.

What kind of cuisine do they offer?

Anepalco offers classic and modern takes on authentic Mexican cuisine that go beyond your typical tacos and quesadillas. With creative twists on traditional dishes such as ceviche tostadas topped with lobster meat or lamb birria tacos paired with homemade consommé broth for dipping; there’s something for everyone at this restaurant!

They also offer vegetarian options such as squash blossom quesadillas or sweet potato enchiladas that will please even the non-meat-eating diners in your group.

What makes their brunch so special?

Anepalco’s weekend brunch menu is not only unique but incredibly inventive too. Their standout top dish being “Chilaquiles en Mole” made up of fresh tortilla chips baked in mole sauce served with Crema Mexicana, queso fresco and onion rings – all topped off by two eggs cooked sunny side up.

If you’re a fan of sweet brunch dishes, their “Brioche French Toast” is worth trying. The dish features thick slices of brioche bread dipped in a batter made with cinnamon and vanilla, then topped with banana puree and piloncillo syrup.

And for those who prefer savory brunch items, their breakfast burrito filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, Oaxacan black beans and freshly chopped tomatoes might be just what you’re looking for.

What drink options are available?

Anepalco has an impressive selection of premium tequilas and specialty cocktails to pair with your meal choice. Their Margarita de la Casa is a notable favorite among regular customers- it’s made using fresh lime juice combined with 100% blue agave reposado tequila and orange liqueur shaken perfectly to create the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

In addition to alcohol, they also have non-alcoholic fruit-based drinks such as Horchata (cinnamon rice milk) or Jamaica (hibiscus tea).

Is the menu affordable?

Mastering the Art of Fine Dining at Anepalco Mexican Restaurant: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re someone who enjoys the finer things in life, then fine dining is an experience that simply cannot be missed. At Anepalco Mexican Restaurant, we believe that every meal should be a luxurious adventure for the senses, and our culinary team has crafted a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of fine dining at our establishment.

Choose the Perfect Ambience
One of the most important elements of fine dining is setting the perfect atmosphere. At Anepalco Mexican Restaurant, we offer various settings tailored to your mood such as a romantic candlelit table or casual patio seating with stunning city views overlooking Orange County.

Peruse Our Menus
Our menus incorporate contemporary Mexican cuisine using traditional techniques and ingredients as well as an array of vegan options. Each dish on our menu tells a story and delivers a unique flavor profile. We suggest starting with an appetizer or two from our sharing section for optimal socializing over food and drink.

Pairing Wines
A fine-dining experience wouldn’t be complete without wine pairings! Our sommelier has carefully curated a wine list which includes wines from various regions throughout Mexico and expertly pairs them with each dish on our menu. Pretty cool right?

Understand Food Etiquette
Some foods are meant to be enjoyed by themselves while others are recommended to eat with utensils or even your hands depending on its origin (Quesabirria anyone?). To ensure you’re not off-putting other guests or yourself, observing basic food norms can improve your enjoyability of any meal.

Don’t Forget Desserts!
Never skip dessert – there’s always room! You wouldn’t want to miss out on Anepalco’s infamous ‘Choco Flan.’ Combining the traditional Spanish flan dessert layered atop rich chocolate cake topped with caramelized sugar? Yes please!

In conclusion, mastering the art of fine dining at Anepalco Mexican Restaurant comes down to choosing the perfect ambiance, perusing the menus, following etiquette and indulging on for dessert. Plus an extra tip: Dining with a great company only enhances any dining experience! So, sit back and take in the flavors as we serve you unparalleled hospitality during your Anepalco dining experience.