Discover the Authentic Flavors of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Rosemont

Discover the Authentic Flavors of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Rosemont

Short answer Marias Mexican Restaurant Rosemont

Marias Mexican Restaurant is a popular dining destination located in the suburb of Rosemont, Illinois. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of authentic Mexican cuisine, featuring dishes such as tacos, burritos, and fajitas. They also have a full bar serving margaritas and other cocktails to complement their food selections.

A Guide on How to Experience the Best of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant Rosemont

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Rosemont is an amazing dining experience for anyone who loves delicious and authentic Mexican food. This restaurant takes pride in spicing up your taste buds with fresh, flavorful dishes made from scratch daily by their talented chefs.

Now, if you’re planning on visiting Maria’s anytime soon or you’ve been there before but haven’t tried everything they have to offer, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your visit to this vibrant and lively eatery:


Before anything else, start off with their famous guacamole. It’s freshly made right at your table! The ingredients here aren’t skimped upon –avocadoes are always perfectly ripe and firm– so be sure not to leave any bits behind!


If tacos are what you’re craving for then try the steak taco – it’s cooked medium rare and juicy perfection which will tantalize your taste buds. In case however chicken is more of a go-to protein of yours go for the Chicken Tinga Taco that comes with creamy avocado sauce blending all flavors together like a charm!

Main Course

When it comes down to selecting main courses look no further than Order Carne Asada – grilled marinated skirt steak served alongside refried beans & rice topped with pico de gallo making every mouthful worth savoring!

Another favorite? Fajitas! They serve up a platter that includes beef, chicken or shrimp along with bell pepper slices caramelized onions – enough food for two people easily.

For one-of-a-kind vegetarian options order Rafaelito (chile Relleno), another specialty dish at Maria’s consisting of Poblano peppers stuffed full of melted cheese smothered lightly w/ tomato sauce leaving finger-licking good flavor lingering around hours after finishing.

Dessert Options

Don’t forget about dessert while ordering! Try their classic Tres Leches Cake – a sweet and satisfying cake soaked in three types of milk for the ultimate moistness. It’s always tough deciding between dessert options, but Fried Plantains served with Cream sounds like an exciting option as well.


Lastly if you are looking forward to enjoying some cocktails then do not forget about Margaritas at Maria’s Restaurant – these guys sure know their way around a variety of premium tequilas that can turn something good into perfect! And those frozen versions seem pretty popular too!

In conclusion, we have given ample opportunities on what all should one tick off from their list while visiting Maris’a Mexican restaurant situated in Rosemont. Now it’s time for you to pay this amazing eatery a visit and put your taste buds through an unforgettable journey filled with classic dishes and unique flavors that scream Mexico!

Step by Step: A Visit to Maria’s Mexican Restaurant Rosemont

Visiting Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Rosemont is like taking a journey to the heart of Mexico. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to a bustling street market filled with vibrant colors, aromas that excite your senses, and flavors that tickle your taste buds.

So here’s our step-by-step guide to experiencing all the magic that this wonderful eatery has to offer!

Step 1: Take In The Atmosphere

The first thing that strikes visitors at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant is its lively vibe. With bold orange walls decked out with colorful decor accents such as papel picado banners (paper cutting designs), ponchos on display and bright flower arrangements- it transports anyone when they enter in some other world.

Step 2: Peruse The Menu

Once we were seated by a friendly hostess who helped us navigate their menu offerings -it was awe-inspiring! For appetizers, fresh guacamole made tableside or sopes de chorizo stood out as great starters. They have several entrees choices for Vegans/Vegetarians too which I appreciated – including enchilada rojas or espinaca tacos topped with sour cream are always popular dishes.

For meat lovers birria de chivo(roasted goat) served traditionally hot “just off” method with mini tortillas (tacos) and freshly chopped onions/parsley makes my list of favorite picks alongside pork belly carnitas ,alambre grilled chicken skewers or classic fajitas plates overloaded with unlimited warm flour/corn tortilla shells will fill anyone up .

Another highlight is their expansive collection of tequila cocktails(especially margaritas).

Step 3: Savor Every Bite

With so many delicious options available, It can be quite perplexing what dish to choose but everything appeared toothsome. We ordered lime soup known locally as sopa Azteca/ Tortilla Soup and it packed that flavor punch with its smoky spiciness, crisp tortillas pieces submerged in a tomato broth topped off beautifully with lime cream. Then come to our table the dish we were most excited about: carne asada chimichanga- meaty filling and crispy golden exterior wrapping fried until perfection.

Step 4: Treat Your Sweet Tooth

To finish this wonderful experience at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant on a high note, we had ordered churros for dessert–warm pastry sticks sprinkled with granulated cinnamon & sugar crystals paired perfectly warm chocolate dipping sauce. Our waiter also suggested Mangonada delicious summertime beverage made up of sweetened frozen mango ,a hint of chili powder and chewy tamarind candy leaves your taste buds tantalizingly satisfied.

In conclusion, A visit to Maria’s Mexican Restaurant is an unforgettably tasty journey into Mexico’s sights, sounds and culinary culture. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add Maria’s restaurant to your travel itinerary today!

FAQs About Maria’s Mexican Restaurant Rosemont Answered

Looking for authentic, mouth-watering Mexican cuisine in the heart of Rosemont? Look no further than Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – a beloved local hangout that pairs delicious food with unbeatable ambiance.

If you’re eager to pay us a visit (and we hope you are!), you may have some questions about what we offer and how we operate. To save you time, hassle, and stress – we’ve compiled this handy guide to FAQs About Maria’s Mexican Restaurant Rosemont Answered!

1. What kind of menu items does your restaurant feature?

At Maria’s, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of dishes inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine. This includes everything from hearty beef stews and fiery fajitas to fresh ceviche platters and crispy chimichangas. Vegetarians are also catered for with plenty of meat-free options like vegetable enchiladas or our signature cheesy quesadillas.

2. Do you serve alcohol?

Yes! Our full bar serves up thirst-quenching margaritas alongside other classic cocktails, as well as beer and wine.

3. Are there vegetarian or gluten-free options available?

Absolutely! We understand that all diners have different preferences when it comes to their diet restrictions or choices; That’s why our team goes out of their way to cater to those who require vegetarian meals or gluten-free alternatives.

4. How can I make a reservation at your restaurant?

To guarantee yourself a table during busy periods such as holidays or weekend evenings pre-booking is recommended– simply call ahead through our website contact page

5.What makes your restaurant unique compared to others near-by restaurants in Rosemont?

As much as it would be easy to sum up what makes us distinct just one sentence: customer experience — great service placing patrons comfort before anything else—great quality food made precisely according customers’ taste preference using artisanal craftsmanship passed down generations for centuries —with delicate spices blended perfectly with every ingredient.

If you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable Mexican dining experience that combines unbeatable vibe, delicious food, and professional service in one package all within a pocket-friendly budget – Maria’s is the perfect spot for you! Don’t hesitate any further; come visit us today —we can’t wait to serve you!