A Taste of Mexico: Exploring Acapulco’s Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina

A Taste of Mexico: Exploring Acapulco’s Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina

Short answer: Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina is a chain of family-owned restaurants serving authentic Mexican cuisine with locations across Massachusetts and Connecticut.

How to Savor Every Bite of Your Meal at Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina

Are you looking for a truly authentic Mexican dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied? Look no further than Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina!

With locations across Massachusetts and Connecticut, Acapulcos offers an extensive menu filled with traditional dishes made from the freshest ingredients. But how do you make sure to savor every bite of your meal?

Firstly, take in the atmosphere. The vibrant décor sets the tone for a lively, enjoyable evening. Take note of the hand-painted murals and colorful accents throughout the restaurant as they transport you straight to Mexico.

Next, start with some delicious appetizers like tangy guacamole or crispy taquitos. These plates are perfect for sharing so everyone at the table gets a taste.

When it comes time to order your entrée, try something new or stick with old favorites such as fajitas, enchiladas or tacos al pastor. Listen carefully when placing your order because some dishes come loaded up with tasty sides like rice and beans.

As soon as those hot plates hit your table, resist rushing to dig in immediately! Instead take a moment to appreciate all that is before you – from colors and textures on display right down to aromas wafting into our nostrils – this anticipation will only heighten your experience.

Now dive in! Use your fork (or hands!) for blending flavors together; Wrap juicy pieces of grilled chicken breast inside flour tortillas along with rich sauces dolloped over them; Scoop up refried beans onto chips for added crunch – let nothing go waste!

And finally dessert… Finish off by allowing yourself the pleasure of indulging in some mouthwatering sweets like flan or churros accompanied by whipped cream and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

In summing up: With its festive atmosphere coupled alongside fresh ingredients seasoned just-right so we can savor each one – Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina is without doubt one of those amazing dining experiences which needs to be savored just as much as all the bites on every plate!

Step by Step Guide to Enjoying a Night Out at Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina

Are you tired of the same old boring nights out? Looking for a fun and exciting dining experience with friends or family? Look no further than Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina! Located in multiple locations throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Acapulcos offers a vibrant atmosphere with delicious food and drinks that will transport your taste buds straight to Mexico.

First things first: make a reservation. While walk-ins are welcome, Acapulcos can get busy during peak hours. So, it’s best to reserve your spot ahead of time so you don’t have to wait too long before indulging in their scrumptious cuisine.

Upon arriving at Acapulcos, let’s start with an appetizer. How about starting off with some fresh guacamole made tableside? Watching them prepare it is like experiencing a performance – they chop up fresh avocado right in front of you while mixing lime juice, cilantro, tomato and onions together – unique flavors that complement each other perfectly! But if guacamole isn’t your thing try some queso fundido (melted cheese served hot) or nachos topped with beans, salsa,sour cream,o jalapeño pepper slices.

Now onto the main course. With so many options on the menu ranging from tacos to enchiladas to fajitas; where do we begin?

Let’s talk taco game- these bad boys come two per order filled with flavorful meats such as al pastor(pork), carne asada(steak), pollo(chicken); grilled veggies like peppers,onions,mushrooms;mashed refried bean puree;topped off with crumbly queso fresco cheese,cilantro,lime wedges.

Not feeling tacos tonight? No problemo! How about sizzling chicken fajitas – cooked right there at your table?! The aroma alone will transport you straight south of the border.Tender strips of chicken fried up with an array of colorful bell peppers and onions.Suppose you’re feeling seafood tonight, some popular options include shrimp ceviche served raw that is marinated in lemon juice or Acapulco’s signature Seafood Burrito filled to the brim with crab meat,bay scallops,and tons of cheddar cheese topped off with a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Now onto drinks. Margaritas at Acapulcos come in several flavors – from classic lime to strawberry and mango– but there’s also sangria specials and tequila tastings! Want your drink spiked? Fiesta time includes “Coco Loco” cocktails (heavy on cream & coconut milk) in half pineapple bowls or “Lava Flow” frozen concoctions which feel like a tropical getaway right within Massachusetts!

One final tip – save room for dessert! The churros pastries are melt-in-your-mouth fresh, piping hot sugary sticks flavored sprinkled with cinnamon. If those lil treats aren’t whetting your appetite then try out their Mocha Mexicana Cake drizzled over

Frequently Asked Questions About Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina Answered

Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina is a place where you can indulge in delicious traditional Mexican dishes while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. Here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve answered to help make your visit to Acapulcos even more enjoyable.

Q: What’s the specialty of the house?

A: Our signature dish is our fajitas! You can order them with steak, chicken or shrimp and they come sizzling hot and served on a cast iron skillet alongside fresh guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and warm flour tortillas for wrapping it all up!

Q: Are there vegetarian options available?

A: Yes we do have vegetarian options on our menu such as our Vegetarian Enchiladas which comes filled with spinach & mushroom filling topped with melted cheese & enchilada sauce.

Q: Can I customize my order if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?

A: Absolutely! We understand how important it is to cater to everyone’s needs. Just let us know what your specific requirements are and we’ll be happy to accommodate accordingly.

Q: Do you offer any Happy Hour specials?

A: Of course. Join us between 3-6pm Monday-Friday when we offer discounted drinks prices including margaritas, beer and wine by-the-glass.You’ll not only enjoy delicious food but excellent deals too

Q:Is Reservations required before visiting ?

A: Although ,we strongly advise making reservations particularly during peak times like weekends so you don’t miss out!. However Walk-ins are welcomed anytime!

We hope these answers were helpful for planning your next trip to Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & Cantina.There’s something here for everyone whether it be classic favourites or new innovative tastes.We cant wait until welcoming you soon for an amazing dining experience full of authentic flavours from Mexico that will leave wanting more !