Chimis Mexican: The best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chimis Mexican: The best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chimis Mexican: The best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chimis Mexican Restaurant is a popular Tex-Mex eatery serving tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The menu features dishes made with fresh ingredients and their homemade salsa is a must-try.

How to enjoy the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Chimis Mexican Restaurant

When it comes to enjoying the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s nothing quite like digging into a delicious plate of chimichangas. Chimis Mexican Restaurant is known for serving up some of the best chimichangas in town, and we’re here to share our tips and tricks on how to make your dining experience at Chimis even more enjoyable.

Tip #1: Start with Appetizers

Before diving headfirst into your entrée, be sure to start off with one (or two) appetizers. We recommend the queso fundido – a melted cheese dish that’s perfect for dipping warm tortilla chips in – or the guacamole which provides an excellent blend of flavors while preparing your taste buds for your main meal. For those who are feeling adventurous, try the cactus salad or chile con queso. These options provide daring choices for people willing to venture outside their comfort zones.

Tip #2: Pair Your Meal with Margaritas

Is any meal truly complete without margaritas? Absolutely not! At Chimis, you have several options when it comes to choosing between different types of margarita including fruity blends as well as traditional ones made from silver tequila making certain its top-quality spirits aged with precision and first-rate ingredients that complement each other perfectly.

For something sweet and refreshing flavor-wise,you could opt for flavors like peach or lime infused margarita but if you’re looking for something bold and strong,the classic house-made blended mixes will do just fine! All things considered, You can’t go wrong pairing Margaritas with just about anything on this menu!

Tip #3: Dive Straight In With Their Signature Dish- The Chicken Chimi!!

The standout signature dish is their famous chicken chimichanga which offers customers crispy golden brown burritos filled stuffed-to-the-brim filet along all-time popular staples such as rice,different varieties beans,salsa,tomatoes & fresh lettuce. The tortilla is tightly wrapped around the filling and then deep-fried for a crispy, slightly spicy golden texture that’s indulgent with every bite!

In-house Made fajitas are also very popular at this Mexican joint, so if you have time to spend there while enjoying a meal be sure to order some – With flavorful bell peppers,caramelized onions sizzling away on your plate alongside juicy chicken or savory beef served right beside fresh guacamole will bring blissful sights, scents and flavors oozing all over the table.

Tip #4: Finish Your Meal Off with Churros

If you still have room after devouring your entrée, make sure to save space for dessert because chimis serves up sweet and sugary churros which you can’t help taking more than one! It arrives hot-n-crisp expertly balanced by not-too-sweet cinnamon mixture.The classic chocolate sauce fondue dripping in an inviting aroma it comes alongside provide just the thing needed compliment flavor chosen earlier,-what better way to end your feast?

In conclusion …

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering at Chimis Mexican Restaurant: From Appetizers to Desserts

Chimis Mexican Restaurant offers the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is the perfect place to indulge in some of the most delectable and authentic Mexican dishes. If you find yourself drawn to this vibrant cuisine, but aren’t quite sure where to start your journey towards culinary bliss, fret not! We’ve got a step-by-step guide that’ll take you through all the courses, from appetizers to dessert.

Step 1: Start with Appetizers
To kick things off on a delicious note, begin by ordering one or more of Chimis’ famous appetizers. The restaurant’s Chimi Taquitos are always a crowd-pleaser, encased in crispy tortilla shells and filled with savory beef filling. Another great choice is their Queso Fundido – warm melted cheese served alongside freshly made corn chips for dipping.

Step 2: Follow up with Main Course
Once you’ve enjoyed your tasty starters, it’s time to dive into the main course. From sizzling fajitas and hearty burritos stuffed with beans and rice to enchiladas smothered in zesty sauce – there truly is something for everyone at Chimis Mexican Restaurant.

If you’re feeling traditional opt for their classic Chicken Tacos which come loaded with tenderly cooked chicken strips and fresh veggies such as lettuce, tomato & onions which can be layered perfectly onto soft flour Tortillas.

Step 3: Don’t forget about Drinks
What’s better than enjoying fantastic food? Washing it down with a scrumptious beverage like Margarita or Daiquiri!

Chimis offers refreshing drinks that perfectly complement every dish on the menu food making them perfect accompaniment

Step 4 : Time for Dessert
You might think you’re too full after devouring everything discussed above but trust me; once if see Churros or Tres Leches Cake in front of you, second thoughts will never cross your mind:

For those who love cinnamon sugar sweets, the Chimis churros will be a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you crave something more indulgent get ready to sink your teeth into their Tres Leches Cake – light and moist sponge cake soaked in rich milk mixture finished with whipped cream.

There you have it- A complete guide to ordering at Chimis Mexican Restaurant! Look no further than this comprehensive restaurant experience & ensure that every course is filled with authentic taste of Mexico.

Chimis Mexican Restaurant FAQs: Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Visit

Chimis Mexican Restaurant is a popular, family-owned eatery that specializes in delivering  the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you’re planning your first visit to Chimis, then there are several things you’ll want to know before stepping through the door. From menu options and pricing to ambiance and service, we’ve put together an all-inclusive guide that covers everything you need to know about Chimis.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes At Chimis?

Our most popular dishes include our signature chimichanga plate – a deep-fried burrito stuffed with shredded beef or chicken and topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo. Another crowd-pleaser is our enchilada platter that comes with three enchiladas filled with your choice of protein (beef, chicken or cheese), smothered in salsa verde and queso fresco while being served alongside rice and beans.

Do You Cater To Special Dietary Needs?

We understand that every customer’s dietary needs vary from one another hence we do cater both vegetarian & gluten-free options as well as offering customizations for any specific requests such as low-fat alternatives upon request from the diner.

What Is The Price Range Of Plates In Chimis?

At Chimis Mexican Restaurant plates prices range between $8-$16 dollars per plate which includes rice & beans on the side except for seafood plates come along pricey due to higher costs of obtaining sustainable fresh ingredients

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol?

Unfortunately no outside alcohol is allowed according to licensing laws . However , We have an extensive bar selection ranging from margaritas , cervezas mexicanas & house wines ; happy hour drink specials are available Monday – Friday from 2 pm – 7 pm where y ou can enjoy great deals .

Is Your Establishment Sangria/Fajitas Supremo Ready?

Yes! Our Super cool sangrias especially Red Sangria has proven off to be the finest among other Mexican restaurants which are a must try. The Veggie, Chicken & Steak fajitas Supremo are also one of our best-selling plates that you wouldn’t want to miss.

What Makes Chimis Stand Out as the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Our consistency , High-quality ingredients and authentic flavors blended in with fresh produce make Chimis stand out from others . Our experienced chefs take pride suppling freshly prepared flavorful dishes right onto your plate .

Are Reservations Required ?

Although it’s not required but making reservations beforehand is preferred especially if there is a large group dine-in or celebration like Birthday parties so we can reserve an appropriate spacing for all diners simultaneously

Can I Place a Take-out Order?

Yes , Feel free to place an order by calling us directly at (818) 677-3860 for pickup or browse through many delivery options such as Postmates, Grubhub etc… .

In Conclusion:

Whether you’re looking for superb drinks or amazing food, Chimis has everything covered and is where you can find the best Mexican food in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Their menu combines traditional recipes with contemporary techniques to deliver great tastes that